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Kettlebell Session


Intense Kettlebell Workout

By Kettlebell Session

Kettlebell workouts began in Russia many years ago within the bodybuilding world. They were meant to improve an individual’s grip and strength as well as achieve consistent contraction of muscle during each rep. The kettlebell weight is nothing special to look at. It appears to be awkward and clunky. Until recent years, you could walk […]


Top Kettlebell Exercises

By Kettlebell Session

Working out with kettlebells has become all the rage in the past few years. They look much like a miniature bowling ball with a handle. These weights are excellent for all types of training, including strength, flexibility, and cardio. You will begin using these by choosing the weight of your choice- women usually grab a […]


Kettlebell Challenge Workouts Review

By Kettlebell Session

Do you need something to challenge your current routine or kick it up a notch? Perhaps you want to get past your current plateau, getting more done in less time? Then again, maybe you just want to get excited about using kettlebells? If you answer yes to any of these questions, you definitely need to […]


Kettlebell Weights

By Kettlebell Session

One of the most frequently asked questions I hear from kettlebell user beginners is what weight should they use.  Especially if they are thinking of investing in a kettlebell for themselves!  Choosing the correct starting weight with a kettlebell is absolutely key to success.  If you choose a weight that is too heavy for you, […]


Kettlebell Training Program

By Kettlebell Session

If you are interested in designing your own workout program with kettlebells, you must understand that this can be quite challenging. Even experienced exercisers who have an understanding of the proper way to execute various exercises can struggle with creating a simple, but effective training program. You must understand that when you are creating a […]


Kettlebell Strength Training

By Kettlebell Session

When beginning a weight loss program, many people focus on diet and an aerobic exercise program.  What they are missing is strength training.  People tend to ignore strength training because they don’t want to build bulky muscles, but strength isn’t just about muscle size. When you build muscles, you burn more calories faster, perform better […]


Kettlebell Program

By Kettlebell Session

Kettlebell training is a great way to improve your cardiovascular stamina while at the same time building muscle.  Combine your kettlebell training with a complete lifestyle program that includes healthy eating and adequate rest and you’ll be healthier and fitter in no time. What are Kettlebells? The first question you may have is simply, “What […]


Kettlebell Core Workout

By Kettlebell Session

Getting a ripped set of washboard abs not only looks good but is an important part of building your core strength.  Strong abdominals bring balance to the front and back of your body and help to prevent injury. In order to keep your core muscles strong and flexible, you should include abdominal exercises in your […]


Kettlebell Back Exercises

By Kettlebell Session

Some of the most common and painful injuries are to the ligaments and muscles of the back. Lower back pain is often a result of weak muscles and poor posture. Performing regular back strengthening exercises can help prevent back pain by keeping your muscles strong and flexible.  Incorporating some kettlebell exercises into your training program […]


Kettlebell Core Exercises

By Kettlebell Session

Having a strong core isn’t just about looking good in a swimsuit.  It helps you move with ease and it protects your vital organs and central nervous system.  Core training with kettlebells can improve your balance and stability, whether on the playing field or in daily activities. A kettlebell, sometimes called a bell, is a […]

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