Kettlebell Challenge Workouts Review

Kettlebell Challenge Workouts Review

Do you need something to challenge your current routine or kick it up a notch? Perhaps you want to get past your current plateau, getting more done in less time? Then again, maybe you just want to get excited about using kettlebells?

If you answer yes to any of these questions, you definitely need to check out these Kettlebell Challenge Workouts.

Forest Vance, a former pro athlete based out of Sacramento, California created this program. He is using this kettlebell program in his gym and his clients are seeing shocking results. On his website, he wants to “spill the beans” and share it with you.

I fell in love this with program for many reasons:

  1. Convenience. The kettlebell is the most versatile workout tool and the only one you’ll need to get/ stay in shape. You can do all of these exercises from the comfort of your home, at the office, or anywhere you desire to bring your kettlebell.
  2. Scheduling. The most common excuse people have to not work out is because they don’t have enough time. This kettlebell program has workouts that you can get done in 20 minutes or less. They can be done on your lunch break, while your kids are napping, first thing in the morning, etc. You can spare 20 minutes of your day to prioritize your health!
  3. Affordability. This is a full workout program. It’s like having a personal trainer except at a fraction of the cost. The workouts are laid out exactly as they should be done. Not only that, but it only requires a single kettlebell. No fancy or expensive gym memberships or equipment needed.

Forest Vance’s Story

Mr. Vance shares his story with you because he believes it’s important that you know about his history and how his system came to fruition.

Currently, he is a personal trainer and instructor at a boot camp in Sacramento, California. He has a Master’s Degree in Human Movement as well as Personal Training Certificates through the American College of Sports Medicine and the National Academy of Sports medicine. In addition, he is a certified instructor of the Russian Kettlebell Challenge.

Mr. Vance has worked with many clients both online and in person and has proven that he can help them achieve amazing results in short periods of time. However, he was not always living the fitness lifestyle in tip-top shape.

There was a time that he was having the same struggles that his clients were. Sure, when he played football in college and for a short time in the NFL, he was in great shape- then, it was time to move on. The transition was smooth- unless you looked at his personal fitness.

He ended up being around 310 pounds and felt fat and out of shape- which ultimately, he found to be depressing. Then, he began an intense diet plan and workout and ended up losing more than 64 pounds over a period of seven months.

Benefits You Can Expect from this Program

Following are a few of the benefits you can expect from this program.

  • Decrease body fat
  • An athletic, lean build
  • Tighten up
  • Increase strength without lots of expensive equipment

You will do all of this quickly, with a workout that will fit into your crazy schedule. With this program, you will learn how to seamlessly integrate kettlebells into your routine as well as improve the efficiency and effectiveness of your routine.

These workouts have been so popular with clients online and in person over the last few years, that Mr. Vance didn’t want to keep them to himself any longer. Therefore, everything he has learned about kettlebell training, he has put into this amazing program.

What You Will Get

Following are the things you will get with this program:

Component One: Main Manual

This is a high-quality, no-fluff program in which you will be taken through thirty-three new kettlebell challenge workouts. This is a complete 8+ week plan in which you will never repeat the same workout twice. You can do these workouts anytime and anywhere- all you need is your own body weight and a single kettlebell.

Component Two: Kettlebell Basics

This is a video series in which you will be shown step-by-step how to do each and every basic kettlebell movement.

After all, the major challenge that people tend to have when they get started with kettlebell training is making sure they are doing the movements effectively and safely. These videos are the solution to that challenge.

You will be given detailed instructions, cues, coaching techniques and drills on all of the basic kettlebell movements. Plus, you can download these videos to your computer or your mobile devices so that you can watch them on the go.

Component Three: Ultimate Guide

This is a fully illustrated guide that includes 41 kettlebell exercises. In addition, you’ll find muscle group illustrations for each of the movements. There are lots of movements explained in this guide. This is your own personal kettlebell encyclopedia.

In addition to these components, you’ll get some bonuses with the program. You will be so totally blown away by it.

Bonus 1: Abdominal Annihilation

This resource will show you the most effective kettlebell workouts to help you achieve a defined set of abs. You’ll find written, video, and picture descriptions of exercises such as windmills, renegade rows, and so much more. In addition, you’ll find total body ab workouts that you can use alone or incorporate into your current program.

Bonus 2: Cardio Conditioning

In this resource, you’ll find 21 fat burning cardio workouts that will add some excitement to your current, boring cardio routine and increase your fat loss efforts. This is the best way to achieve max results in a minimum amount of time.

If you’re seriously ready to lose fat and increase your conditioning- this is definitely the program for you!

Click here to check out more details about the program including some amazing success stories.

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