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Kettlebells for Fat Loss

Kettlebells for Fat Loss

Adult obesity is on the rise with nearly 38 percent of adults in the United States considered obese. As obesity continues to increase, so do ads and sales pitches for fat loss pills and weight loss programs.

Unfortunately, there is no magic cure to reduce fat.  It requires attention to diet and a regular fitness program focused on cardiovascular development as well as building muscles.

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Benefits of Strength Training

Most people know that cardiovascular workouts burn calories and are a great way to lose weight.  What they often forget is that strength training should also be a part of the exercise program.  Regular weight training not only builds muscles, but also offers a myriad of other benefits such as better sleep, less stress, and more energy.

Lifting weights can improve your overall health by:

  • Increasing your good cholesterol (HDL – High Density Lipoprotein) and decreasing your bad cholesterol (LDL – Low Density Lipoprotein)
  • Reducing the risk of diabetes and insulin dependency
  • Lowering risks of cardiovascular disease and high blood pressure
  • Lowering risk of breast cancer by reducing high estrogen levels linked to the disease
  • Decreasing your risk of osteoporosis by improving bone density
  • Reducing symptoms associated with the menstrual cycle
  • Improving the body’s ability to fight colds, illness, and infections
  • Reducing stress and anxiety

As far as body specific benefits, you will see improvements in your strength, flexibility, body mass and posture.  The increased muscle strength, power, and size will make everyday tasks like lifting and carrying heavy objects easier.

Because weight training works the muscles through a full range of motion, strengthening your ligaments and tendons, you will also find you have increased flexibility, which will reduce your chances of injury.

Most importantly, as you build muscle mass, your metabolism increases and you’ll burn more calories throughout the day which will help shed those unwanted pounds.

Kettlebells for Blasting Fat

Kettlebell routines allow you to get a cardio and strength workout done at the same time while being gentle on the body.  Many kettlebell exercises involve swinging the weights in different positions, quickly elevating your heart rate to the same level as a traditional cardio workout.  Because you are lifting weights at the same time, you burn more calories than you would if you were just doing cardio.

The size and shape of kettlebells make them a versatile tool that can be incorporated into a variety of exercise programs from high-intensity interval training (HITT) to traditional cardio workouts.

A typical kettlebell workout requires at most two kettlebells, making it a cost-effective workout compared to other equipment you could buy.  The other advantage is that bells don’t take up much room and are easy to store when not in use.

Kettlebells help build muscles and stronger people generally tend to have less body fat, in particular, less belly fat. People who lift weights, including kettlebells, are leaner not because they weigh less but because they have more muscle mass. The added bonus is that muscle mass will also help you to burn calories in addition to those burned during your workouts.

Kettlebell Workout

If you’re looking to burn fat and lose inches the best place to start is with a solid exercise program. The Ultimate Kettlebell Challenge Workout is a complete program that will help you reach your weight loss goals in a fun and enjoyable way.

This program was created by Forest Vance.  Vance is a former pro athlete, Russian kettlebell expert, gym owner, boot camp instructor and personal trainer based out of Sacramento, CA.  His program will help progress in your kettlebell training by teaching you how to perform a variety of exercises safely and effectively.

The program includes 41 kettlebell exercises, 33 kettlebell challenge workouts, and an eight-week training plan.  It comes with videos and illustrated guides providing detailed instruction, coaching, cues, technique corrections, and drills.

Losing fat is not as easy task. You need to find a workout that you enjoy and be consistent with it.  Many people choose a kettlebell workout because it combines a cardio workout with a strength training session, reducing the amount of time you need to spend working out. Your journey to a slimmer you is more than just about exercise.

Remember, no amount of exercise gives you a lifetime pass to eat whatever you want – it’s important to eat a balanced diet and take care of your body.  Be sure to get a good night’s sleep and drink plenty of water.  Take the first steps and you’ll be on your way to a healthier and fitter you.

Our Top Pick For Kettlebell Exercises

Everything you need to know about using kettlebells effectively, in one place!

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